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Story:"toward a more perfect union"

On September 11th I woke up, who would have known what the world was about to encounter. Just another regular school day? The moment I found out airplanes were being flown into New Yorks Twin Towers, it felt almost like a movie. How could this be? The United States of America under attack? How long had it been since the U.S. had been through times like on September 11th. Take for example the World War time period, a time for leaders to decide which country would end up being the world power. Now take for example this new type of war, world leaders are still trying to define its purpose. Well maybe blowing up mountains and caves, and our military invading citys is a good way to fight this war off. Before September 11, how many times would you see them on television and think of them with the respect or shall I say love that we hold for them now. The feeling was there for our armed forces before, but as of 9/11, we could all say that we as a nation, or world, have become more as one. Especially New York. I myself have not been there, but I have a shirt that says I do, so I do. The people, the land marks, the economy, the very fact of allowing immigrants to come into the land of the free. Well one things for sure, they killed a lot of people. If they felt they accomplished anything, well good for them. Honestly, I think they dug themselves a lot deeper. And if they felt like they succeeded by killing those thousands, if they only knew, right before they hit those buildings how much they would change the world. Go Red White and Blue

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