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Story:"Toward a More Perfect Union"

Can you say idiot? Well, in my opinion that is in fact what our president is.

According to certain internet rumors, President Bush
knew about the 9/11 attacks and who would be
responsible, before they took place. I think Bush
deliberately allowed for them to take place in order
to gain himself a place of greatness in the history
books, and to get everyone in the United States'
attention away from how weak of a president he was.
Well in some cases Bush did get stronger, but to me
it just made him a big idiot. I personally think Mayor
Rudy Giulianni gained more popularity and strength
than Bush did.
Then the invasion of Afghanistan and the irradication
of the Al Queda and Taliban came along. All the
invasion did was make him look like even more of a
pompous. I ask myself, ""Why are they invading, when
according to them, they weren't sure it was Bin
Laden."" Bush was just to caught up in ""evil doers"".
And now, Iraq! Now that ""W"" is planning on invading
Iraq makes my teeth clench even more. I know he means
well, but Bush needs to learn his limits. I strongly
feel he might end up bringing the U.S. in deeper
All in all, despite rumors 9/11 was in fact a wake
up call. It opened the eyes of all Americans to the
fact the democracy should not be taken for granted. If
it weren't for those attacks on the Pentagon and the
W.T.C. I don t think that people would be as patriotic
as they are now. Now that we are almost in at war is
kind of scary, but the fact that ""we"" as a nation have
grown stronger makes me a citizen of the U.S.A. less

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