September 11 Digital Archive: XML Document

Story:Toward a more perfect union

.......we were walking down the high street
in the days when high streets had stores
with big windows filled with TV screens
you were wearing your SUV sole sneakers
(i'd been more conscientious, having purchased
skimpy sandals, tossing the box
into the mountain of garbage)
i was distracted by a beam
in the corner of my eye
every set carried the same image
the towers of babel burning
and then collapsing
and people running scared
and outside the store
a crowd of people had gathered
tears started to flow
disbelief turned to disquiet
strangers hugged strangers until
with protestations of unity in hand
we turned and walked on
you in your SUV sole sneakers
me in my skimpy sandals
reflections lingering in the screens
we were late for lunch
we did not talk as much as usual
as they say in Bombay
what to do what to do
we had gathered for a moment
we had gathered nothing
not even that our dreams are just that.....

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