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Story:Have things changed since September 11, 2001? Many
people would probably answer that question yes. Things
have not only changed in the government, but people
have changed also. People now view life differently
and new insecurities have developed about national
security which can cause people to become judgmental
toward people of different nationalities. Is it fair
to judge American born citizens of Arab descent just
because of the terrorists who caused the 9/11 tragedy?
Well many of these people feel threatened in their own
country - America - now. Medical personnel, educators,
etc... now have a difficult time completing their
duties because they are being judged by their
different features and the accent in their voice
rather than their talent of helping people. I have to
admit that even I am part of this crowd who judges
people of different nationalities. Not too long ago I
went on a trip to Washington D.C. where I was
confronted by a man of Arab descent who asked me many
questions about where I live. Of course the first
thing I thought was that this man could possibly be a
terrorist, and I quickly walked away. Another prime
example is airline flights. People are now afraid to
fly because of the fact that they don t know who the
other people on the flight are and what they might be
carrying. So yes things have changed since 9/11 and
people need to realize that not all people who look
different are a threat to our nation and to our safety.

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