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Story:NORAD 911 Stand Down Math

by Mark Elsis, -- Questioning September 11th

8:13:31: American Airlines Flight 11 (AA11) last transmission.

8:13:32 / 8:20: AA11 goes off course, transponder signal stops, and is

8:36: Major Mike Snyder, confirms the FAA notified NORAD of AA11

8:38: Boston ATC notifies NORAD that AA11 has been hijacked.

8:39: AA11 flies directly over our top terrorist target, Indian Point
nuclear stations.

8:40: FAA notifies NORAD that AA11 has been hijacked.

8:43: FAA notifies NORAD that United Airlines Flight 175 (UA175) has
been hijacked.

8:46:26: AA11 impacts the North Tower of the WTC.

8:46: NORAD finally orders Otis to scramble two F-15s. Why did NORAD
hold on to this vital hijacking information between 6 and 26 minutes?

8:52: Two F-15's from Otis are airborne.

9:02:54: UA175 impacts the South Tower of the WTC. NORAD says the F-15s
from Otis are still 71 miles away. Their average flight speed was only
23.9% of their top speed in trying to intercept UA 175. Otis is 153
miles from WTC ñ F-15s have a top speed of 1875 MPH. Minus 71 miles
left = 82 miles, covered in 11 minutes 8:52 to 9:03 ñ 60 divided by 11 =
5.45 x 82 = 447.3 MPH = 23.9%.

9:30: Three F-16s from Langley are airborne.

9:37: American Airlines Flight 77 hits the Pentagon. NORAD says the
F-16s from Langley were still 105 miles and 12 minutes away.

9:49: F-16s from Langley reach Washington. Their average flight speed
was only 27.4% of their top speed in trying to protect our nations
capital. Langley is 130 miles from the Pentagon ñ F-16s have a top
speed of 1500 MPH ñ 60 divided by 19 = 3.16 x 130 = 410.5 MPH = 27.4%.

Andrews AFB has two fighter wings that are 10 miles from the Pentagon,
yet they inconceivably waited till the attacks were over to get

What type of a preposterous Wag the NORAD Tale is this?


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