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Story:The day was bright here in Stoneham, and I had sent an email to my office letting them know I wasn't feeling well enough to make it into work.

I must have gotten up right as the first plane hit the first tower.

It isn't as clear as I'd thought it would be - my husband either called me or IM'd me about something happening in NYC. I didn't turn on the TV - I went to but there was only one line about it. I didn't even turn the TV on then - I think I turned it on several minutes afterwards and it was not because of what my husband told me - I think I was probably looking for the weather channel.

But every channel was filled with pictures of the towers smoking. I was in shock. I wondered..WHAT HAPPENED??? I had no idea even then what was going on - I started to listen to the newspeople and everything began unfolding thru their words.

I was transfixed. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. All I could remember is how beautiful those building were to me - and how much I had enjoyed working on the 99th floor of 2 World Trade Center.

Then the first building crashed down and a gasp slipped from my lips and tears filled my eyes.

I called upon Jehovah because I knew that there were so many people not just in the building, but under the building where the stores and the trains were and that some of them would be my christian brothers and sisters - other Jehovah's Witnesses.

I shook my head in absolute disbelief and sobbed when the 2nd tower shook to the ground.

It is still like a dream - when I think of it, I feel as if someone has shaken me awake from a deep sleep.

I never slept that night. The hum of the TV was the backdrop of our bedroom - I waited for them to find survivors - I couldn't sleep and if I dozed, I startled myself awake to watch more of the TV.

I cried and cried and prayed for Jehovah's Kingdom to come and take away the pain and suffering of the world. My prayers are heard by Jehovah and although the world continues to head towards their own inner destruction, I know that that is not His Will.

Rev. 21: 3,4 - Read it - I beg you. For it has a hope beyond all dreams...

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