September 11 Digital Archive: XML Document

Story:I actually Slept threw most of Sept 11. I was in the military at the time and had worked late the night before.I remember getting out of bed taking a shower and was eating breakfast when I saw what was happening on CNN. At first I thought it was some sick movie...but then I went outside and I could hear the moving truck's radio from next door saying the the WTC towers had fallen. I remember thinking this can't be happening! Then on CNN they were saying that they thought some kind of bomb had gone off at the Pentagon...thats when I knew something wasn't right...we were under attack! I remember literally running to put my uniform on and get out the door to report to my unit.I remember calling work and asking if we were still to come in.I worked at another government site at Fort Meade and I didnt know if I still needed to come in or not.At the Time my unit advised that noone knew if any more planes were going to hit. We kept hearing rumors that another plane was headed our way. Fort Meade is very close to DC so you can imagine how hectic it was.Finally they got all the planes grounded and all you could hear in the air were the fighter planes. I will never forget 9-11. It was a very scary and very sad day!

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