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Story:I was asleep in my bed when my dad came into the room, telling me a plane just crashed into the World Trade Center. Now at the time, I wasn't really thinking anything of it, just that it might have been a little cesna that lost control and crashed. The last thing that went through my mind was an airliner, so I went back to bed. Then my dad came back in the room a few minutes later saying another plane just crashed into the Pentagon. At that point, I just jumped out of bed, and ran in to see the TV, because right when he said that I knew our country was under attack. So I continued to watch the TV when I saw the other plane hit the towers, and I was just i shock. My jaw just dropped, and I didn't know what to say or do. My sister who is flight attendent for United called up crying in hysterics because she flies all the East coast routes especially out of New York and Boston. That easily could have been her on the flight. But luckily at that point she hadn't flown in a while. I remember that I continued to watch the television and the next thing I saw was the first tower beginning to fall. I screamed for my to come in the room, but all we could do was watch with tears in ours eyes. For me, that was the worst thing to this point in my life I had ever seen and experienced.

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