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Local Union:1199 NATIONAL

Story:I WISH P>I wish my love was in perfect alignment with the Earth,Moon, and Stars. I Wish it was inifinite, with no beginning and no ending. Like the universe; I wish it was endless ! P>I wish it was as deep as the deepest blue sea; and as wide as all the oceans combined. I wish it was as tall as the tallest mountain, and as low as the sky is high ! I wish it could be compared to the land of milk and honey ! P>I wish it was all of these and more. But, then again I am only human. P>I wish we were as innocent as a newborn baby, and as loving as children at play. I wish I could be all of these, without wishing my life away! I wish everyone could be more of a friend than an enemy. For, in the end; we would all be one living in perfect harmony! P>To wish for more-would make me more like Jesus, so instead, I find myself wishing for peace. Is my wish, I wish today! P>Merry Christ-mas!

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