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Local Union:1199

Story:A BETTER HOME P> This battle is not a war to be won by human haste. This battle is not our race. God, has already stated this case. Our Deliverer, and Creator, Our Lord and Savior, He will see us through. P>In days to come people will wonder, where was God, and why? why? why? Fear not. For it was not created inside of you. God, is the one who controls our day, time, and hour. P>Earth was never meant to be our permanent home, it's just a stepping stone. For God, has provided a better home, a mansion in the sky, taller than the Twin Towers. P>Lives were lost, but spirits were called home. Spirit does not cease, when the heart no longer beats. P>Celebrate, and not mourn. At the breaking of dawn, a new life was born. Spirits were set free, they were called home. To prepare for the battle that will be won. Putting our enemies under God's feet. P>Dry your tears and cast aside your fears, you're not alone. Our loved ones are patiently waiting to welcome us home.

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