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Local Union:32BJ

Story:Nagjija Gjidija, a 53-year-old elevator operator, worked at the World Trade Center for 30 years. P>'The World Trade Center was my second home. The people were my second family. I loved it there,' Nagjija said. She was scheduled to work at the time of the terrorist attack, but she called in sick that morning. 'I work up high. I could've been killed.' P>As a Moslem, Nagjija is outraged by the suggestion that the senseless act of violence may have been perpetrated in the name of Islam. 'I hate what the terrorists did. They did it for politics, not for God or Islam,' Nagjija said. P>'So many people were hurt or lost, all kinds of people of every religion. This is such a great tragedy. My friend Edwin lost his son,' Nagjija said referring to coworker Edwin Zanbran who was in the building the day of the attack. While Edwin escaped, his son is a missing. Twenty-six 32BJ members have yet to be found. P>'I don't know where I will work now. But I'm happy to have my life, even if I don't have a job,' Nagjija said.

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