September 11 Digital Archive: XML Document

Local Union:32BJ

Story:As told by a fellow 32BJ member: P>Robert Leary is a 53-year-old who worked in the Amex building across the street from WTC. P>He had just finished moving boxes on the 35th floor of the building when he heard a big bang. 'I thought it was construction noise,' he said. He looked out the window to see the tower on fire. P>'Me and this other guy went up to the 49th floor so we could get a better look at the damage. We were looking out the window when I saw the wing of the second plane go right past me. I could've reached out and touched. We saw the plane hit,' Robert said. P>Robert looked on in shock as people began to fall from the sky. 'It was so awful. I told people that we had to move. Let's move . . . this thing is too horrible to see.' P>Robert left the aera as soon as he could. He has been told by his employer to expect to be out of work for 3 months.

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