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Story:SEIU Staff memberbr>Br>Br> P>I wrote the following as I was trying to come to grips with the feelings I had regarding the events of September 11,>br>br> P> Passing through Hellbr>No warningbr>Melting Steelbr>Breaking Heartsbr>br>Out of the bluebr>Morning skybr>Imagination had not gone therebr>Unbelievable weaponsbr>Unthinkable targetsbr>br>Passing through Hellbr>Crying Ashesbr>Run for your lifebr>Wait for Instructionsbr>Where can we go?br>'Oh no, Oh no, please God no'br>br>No Special Effectsbr>No bad moviebr>She was an executivebr>He was a firemanbr>She was a janitorbr>And oh by the waybr>it was the apprentice's first daybr>br>Passing through Hellbr>Posters are everywherebr>'Have you seen?'br>'No, I haven't'br>Our members are missingbr>My friends are all gonebr>br>And yet--Passing through Hellbr>Humanity risingbr>Running to helpbr>'Are you OK?'br>Lion like couragebr>People suprisingbr>by acts little and largebr>br>Passing through Hellbr>'Don't blame me'br>'Wanted Dead or Alive'br>'Who is that man?'br>'Who's in charge here?'br>br>Would it be out of order,br>Or maybe insane,br>To just be prayingbr>That Passing through Hellbr>Never happens again?

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