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Story:It was a bright September day, I was at work in the recovery room at Auburn Memorial Hospital when one of my co workers came in and said "a plane just hit the world trade towers" and we started talking about how the Empire State building had been hit by a plane years ago.I walked across the hall and we stood there just in time to see the second plane hit.A bright blue sky and a plane disappearing into a building like an optical allusion ...we cried we heard rumors about other planes falling from the sky... I wanted to be with my family...just hold my son and cry...we watched the news all the time. My boyfriend and I had reservations for a birthday trip to Toronto for the weekend of the 15th,we cancelled the trip I couldn't be out of the country during this crisis. A good friend of mine has always been very patriotic he was born on the 8th of July and I always tell him his birthday should have been the 4th , he sings "God Bless America" whenever anyone asks him to, he has an American flag on his car and one hanging at his house,at every christmas party he would sing "New York New York". He tells me he was patriotic before it became "PC".He also works for the D-MORT team and spent 2 weeks in NYC working with the identification team.
He tells me he just can't sing "New York New York" without crying,those 2 weeks he spent at ground zero have changed him forever.

Life Changed:

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Flag:I have always had a flag in front of my I ware one on my scrub top to.

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