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Story:Before I left for school at about 6:45 my dad came out of his room and told me turn the television on. I saw what was happening and knew there would be more. That was when the second plane rammed into the second tower. It was a shock beyond words that I witnessed an attack on my country purely out of hate. I remember when I got to school, somebody told me that one of the towers had just collapsed and I thought they were joking; until I saw it for myself. I remember one of my best friends was so devastated that he wouldn't talk to anybody. Throughout the day I watched the events unfold as school work was cancelled and everybody was glued to the t.v. sets. During the day one of my friends kept betting me that this was going to turn into a war, but I just refused to believe it. Yet here we are in the middle of one.

Life Changed:Other than my sister is buying anything with a flag, no.

Should be remembered:Everything. Above all, though we should remember the victims, and the huge wave of patriotism, so that when this war is over we don't just fall back into the routine of "unpatriotism".


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