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Story:Well, I was actually driving home from Idaho Falls with my Mom and my younger brother when it happened. We turned on the radio at about nine o' clock, and the news of the inccident was on nearly every station (which is totally understandable)! Acually, the attacks had already happened when we found out, because of the time zone stuff.

Life Changed:Well, not even close to the amount of change that happened to New York City or to someone who lost a loved one in the attacks. My life hasn't changed a lot, because I live so far from New York City. I haven't flown on a plane since the attacks, so I haven't witnessed the security changes in the airports across the nation. My life has changed though, because I now realize more than ever that there are people out there who will kill themselves, men, woman, and children for their own benifit. An it makes me sad that they would do somthing like that.

Should be remembered:I think that the men, woman, firefighers, and poliemen that risked their lives to save others should be remembered.

Flag:Yes, my family and I did fly an American Flag after the September 11th attacks. I do find it sad, however, that most people started expressing their love for our country after September 11th. Don't get me wrong, that is a fantastic reason to do so, but I think that is so sad that we weren't showing our patriotism beforehand. I do realize that some people are patriotic and express their gratitude to live in such a great and wonderful country, but most people just started showing that appreciation after the attacks. I think that the attacks were a wake call to the American people to realize that we are so lucky to live a land where we are able to have our freedom, and I think that we take that for granted. I feel bad that I wasn't showing my appreciation to the men and women that made my freedom possible. Now I am more than ever, so greatful for such a wonderful country where I am able to have my freedom, and to have a beautiful flag to represent it. And I am pround to say that, "I AM AN AMERICAN!!!"

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