September 11 Digital Archive: XML Document

Story:My mother and I were watching the news before school. I was in my room and my mom said "Sam come here a plain hit the twin towers!" I watched from then on till I had to go to school and we sathced some of it at school.

Life Changed:Yes! I used to feel really safe and I thought that America was untouchable but on that day I got a real wake up call. I learned that no matter how big and bad of how safe you think you are always be ready for the wost because you never know what tomorrow holds.

Should be remembered:I believe that September 11th should be remembered not as the day the twin towers fell but as the day America came together, the day that America rose up to meet the challange ahead. It was a day of strenght and bravery and that is how it should be remembered.

Flag:No but I wore a flag pin. I guess my feelings about the flag have changed. I used to think of it as just an old flag but now I see it as a sign of strenght and bravery.

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