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Story:I was pulling into the Parking Lot at the office and heard when the first plane hit. My first thought was "OH NO" someone is in big trouble in the control towers for making such an error. As I walked into the office the second plane hit and I knew at this time it was not a control tower error and became scared, then the news of the plane that crashed in Penn. now that was hitting close to home. My family is from Maryland and Penn. and my parents had taken a trip up there to visit while this was happening. I knew they had planned a picnic with my Uncle in Penn that day and was terrified they had left and did not know what to do. The panic set in I had to find a way to reach them and by gods grace was able to get a line out from Texas to Maryland and talk to them and that is when my dad explained what he could see and hear and that the United States was under attack. I felt helpless, scared and alone. I could hear rescue vechiles in the background as we spoke and begged them to come home and not fly rent a car and drive. Then my next thought was the BP office by my house received an evacuation bomb threat and that was too close to my children. I ran home grabbed my daughter and called my son who was in college at Baylor University to tell them how much I loved them and what how much they meant to me. I felt safe with the youngest being up in Waco by the mility base I knew he would be well taken care of but I still had that urge to go run and grab him.

Life Changed:My whole family's lives have changed. I believe that we all learned a valuable lesson that life is too short. We charish every moment we are with one another and never leave without telling the other one we love them. I remember that night my daughter who is 20 asked me mom will we be alive tomorrow? I told her I could not answer that question it was in gods hands and to say her prays and that I loved her very much. That evening the fighter jets flew over our home around 2 a.m. at first I was scared to death but then when I went outside and saw what it was I felt a calm peace come over. They were going to the Gulf and around to protect the chemical plants and tankers out there as well as us.

Should be remembered:September 11th is a day that should NEVER be forgotten!! We need to remember what the United States of America stands for and our freedom but most of all the love ones that people lost in this tragic accident and the courageous ones that took down the plane in Penn. They were the heros that day and saved us. We must also remember the children that lost love ones and parents who wont get that chance to tell them I love you or take me to a ball game. It took lives of innocent people who were going on their nomal daily routine going to work the American way and stole all that away from us.

Flag:Yes in Texas that was a very hard thing to find. Everyone had bought all the flags the stores could not keep up with the demands. I still have one in my car on the dash and a sticker in my window. I am proud to be an American and anyone that does not like this country needs to get out. This is a strong Country built with LOVE, PRIDE AND COURAGE. NO ONE can ever take that away from us. I will always fly my flag as to me that is a special thing it shows my fredom and my belief in this country. We had flags flying from overpasses , towers, buildings, everywhere. Our company Exult even did a tribute to the victims and we all had flags and sang the National Athem not a dry eye in this country was to be found. We all have learned a valuable lesson of what our country means to us and how much it has to offer to us.

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