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Story: I was in my bed, in a deep sleep. I woke up, when my loud and excited husband, Mike, flew the bedroom door open, yelling, "Something happened in New York, to one of the towers." I was startled, by the manner in which I was awakened. I began watching the news reports.
My sister Susan called from Missouri, wanting to know if I was aware of the situation. She told me that she had just heard that there could be a possibility of it being a terrorist attack.
I became concerned, but I said to myself, "I can't imagine that even a terrorist would commit such a deliberate and heinous act."
I began making phone calls to other family members and friends to alert them of the horrific situation.
While talking to my brother Ronnie's wife, Kitty, I witnessed the second plane approaching the other tower. In a flash of a moment, I said to myself, "Oh no, it is going to crash into the other tower." About one second later, I witnessed the second plane ramming into the second tower. I witnessed part of the plane go clean through the other side, and there were great balls of fire. Debris and office papers were floating in the air. It looked like the movie, "The Towering Inferno." We both gasped and yelled, "Oh my God", "Oh my God." Both towers were in flames, each had large gapping wholes. We hung up to call others about the tragic news.
I knew in an instant, that it was possitively a terrorist attack, because I knew it was no coincidence that two planes, at the same time, accidently crashed into the twin towers.
I was terrified, stunned, confused, and very disturbed about the innocent people who were apparently killed. My body froze, as tears ran down my face.
My husband was running back to the bedroom, as I was running out, to locate and inform my daughter Michelle, and my father, Eddie, who were also in the house. We both yelled, "Did you see that?", "I can't believe it!", "My God, those poor people!"
I tried to reach my son, Michael, who was located in the French Quarter's of New Orleans, Louisiana, but failed.
I wondered, "Who is doing this?", "Is the Empire State Building next?", "Where is our military?", "Did movies influence the terrorist?"
As I watched the news reports, the firemen and first responders were all scrambling around trying to get to the towers, people confused and scared were trying to evacuate the area, and some people were frozen, looking up, crying and sobbing. Things started happening fast. Lower Manhattan was in chaos.
By this time, I was so petrified with fear, I could hardly think, because my brain was on overload. My body was trembling so much, that I could not drink my coffee, because I could not hold the cup steady enough to drink from it.
I prayed to God. I recited the Hail Mary and Psalm 23.
President Bush made a brief statement, and lead the nation in a moment of silence.
The Pentagon was attacked.
My husband ran to our home office, called all employees, told them to shut down all job sites, and go home to their families.
The reports of a possible forth plane crashed in Pennsylvania, which later was confirmed.
I called my sister, Deborah, who lives in Mississippi. We both had concerns about the possibility of her son, Scott, who is in the Air Force, stationed at Barksdale Air Force Base, having to go to war. We knew someone would have to pay for what was done.
I called Susan back, she was concerned about a missle site located near her home. I could not reach my brother, Craig, living in Slidel, Louisiana. I was terified because I still could not reach my son.
I was horrified watching the people, in the windows of the towers, some waving their shirts, in hopes of being rescued, as a helicopter flying near by could not do anything to help them.
I couldn't imagine how and why it was all happening. I never once thought we were so vulnerable. I felt very unsafe. I had so many concerns. I wondered what would be next. I had concerns of sites in my area, that they, whoever they were, may be interested in attacking, and was my family in harms way. I had thoughts of an atomic bomb. Would this be the big one! The end of the world! I felt there was no one or anything to protect my family, and that we were on our own, as far as our safety.
I witnessed people leaping to their deaths, jumping out of the towers. At first I didn't realize what I was seeing. They looked like little two inch objects falling. I realized, by the movement of their arms, that it was bodies. It is one of my worst memories of the tragic events. I prayed for them, with deep sympathy, the Hail Mary and Psalm 23, "Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for you are with me." I can't begin to imagine, what they must have been going through, to make such a decision. My heart weep.
My entire family, stretching four states, and eight cities, was experiencing it's own drama, filled with fears and concerns. I wanted to be with everyone, I wished we were all be together, safe, all under one roof. That way, at least if something were to happen, we would be with each other.
I spiritually prayed to my deceased mother, Joyce, my brother, EJ, my grandmother, Inez, and other deceased loved ones. I prayed for their help, along with God, to help us all through what we were experiencing. I wanted to be held by my Momma. I was also fearful of maybe joining them soon.
Then the unimaginable happened. The second tower that was hit, collapsed. My heart fell to my stomach, and my soul fell to the floor. It was unbelievable. It was the worst thing in my life that I have ever witnessed. It was as if, everything was moving in slow motion. It felt like a movie. It was so unreal. I was in shock.
I witnessed the huge, dark, dense clouds, filled with dust and debris, chasing the firemen and people, petrified with fear, down the streets, as they tried to outrun them. I'll never forget those images.
Then the other tower collapsed with the same dramatic scenes. Lower Manhattan was covered by clouds. I could not believe what I was witnessing. I cried and cried. It looked like "Armegedan."
I didn't make anymore phone calls, for a while. I didn't do anything. My body was frozen.
I put my life and the lives of my family members in God's hands.
Reports were that people were running to the stores to buy gas mask. I had my husband gather all the mask he had around the house, for work.
I felt I needed to do something more, as far as safety. I planned a safe room, with what I had around the house.
My husband and I just sat there watching the horrors, in shock and disbelief, like everyone else. Our nation was in panic and grief.
Bush later spoke from Barksdale, where Scott was stationed. This completely took all of us by surprise.
I finally talked with my son, it was a relief.
Scott left for Afghanistan, ten days later, and returned January 27, 2002.
In one week, from today, we will memorialize the events of September 11th, to mark the one year anniversary of life changing events.




Life Changed: These events changed my life forever. I no longer feel safe, as I did before. I now know the realization, as to how vulnerable we really are. I sleep much more uneasier. What was normal before, will never be normal again. I don't let trivial things, in my personnal life, bother me as much anymore. I watch mostly news, instead of other programming. I am much more aware of my surroundings, as far as crowds, buildings, my mail, and low flying planes. When in a hotel, I ask for rooms on a low level, and near a fire stairwell. I don't leave home as much. I was always petrified of flying, now I won't fly at all. I am a stronger person in many ways than before. Security changes will effect my life in many ways. I'm concerned about my freedoms, and how much I will have to give up, for the safety of our nation. I now live in fear of terrorism and do not believe it will ever end, but only increase.
I have always been, patriotic, family oriented, compassionate and giving, worshiped God, appreciated and respected firemen, police, and our military. So for me, nonething much has changed in these areas, but have been strengthened.
I am sure there are things changed in my life that I have forgotten to mention, haven't realized yet, and that are yet to change.

Should be remembered: We must all, remember everything about September 11th and it's aftermath, every last detail, and never forget!
Especially: Those who lost and sacrificed their lives
Our "Heroes"
The compassion shown and given
The existance of true "Evil"
Our Military's efforts
Our love and strength of God and Country
Our WTC Twin Towers

Flag: I did fly an American flag. I flew a very large flag, given to me by my mother, before she passed away. I recently took it down to preserve it. It's my personal September 11th flag. It means a lot to me. I will cheerish it forever.
I replaced it with my flag that was hanging before the events of 9-11. I always like to fly a flag.
My feelings have not changed about our flag, I have always had great respect and love for the American flag.

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