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Story:I live in Minnesota and was at school. During first hour or so, a teacher turned on the television. It started right at a scene of the first plane crashing into one of the buildings. Everybody was kinda stunned, and nobody talked for awhile. We watched the scenes of carnage and debris all of first hour, second hour, and part of third hour. Everybody was talking about it most of the day, and a few people went home. I got home, and later, my mother came home and said she had heard what had happened on the television at there work. Some people at her job had gone home as well during the day. Not much else happened after that, other than many reports that flittered across the television most days.

Life Changed:Nothing much changed in my life. Maybe a slight increase in security at certain places, but other than that, the damage didn't quite spread to us.

Should be remembered:I think the lives of those people that were lost that fateful day should be honored and remembered. Though some may not say they were hero's, I still believe they should be remembered, as their lives were tragically cut short, and many peoples lives thrown into pain because of this sad event.

Flag:No, I never flew an American flag that day. Many people around us did, though. My feelings about the American flag have never changed. I believe that maybe now, when people look at the american flag, it's meaning will make people realise that many have fought for our country, or lost lives for being here, for making our country peaceful and happy.

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