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Story: How do I begin....I was taking my husband to work, and on the way we were lisiting to the radio and they broke in with the news the first plane had hit The World Trade Center I ! I was getting off the fwy. and stopped at the light and looked at my husband and said " What did they say ? ...The Trade Center...plane ! ? I went down the road trying to consentrate on the traffic and listening to what they were saying. I dropped my husband off, drove about 500 feet, had to stop driving and listen. I starting crying, to the point of uncontolable sobs...I couldn't believe what was happenning...My God all the people dying and everything that was going on...I had to get home, that was the only thing that was on my mind...I got home, turned the news on to msnbc and watched in horror..the second building was hit ! ! People was running there was so much confusion in the streets. The news just kept coming with more horror ! ! I called my husband at work and he tried to keep me calm as I did him. The bad news just got worse as the day went many people dying so much pain and hurt to our nation ! My heart went out to all the families that lost loved ones.

Life Changed: My life has changed so very much, and I don't take Nothing for granted anymore. Our Nation is wonderful ( but I have always thought that ) I have never wanted to live anywhere else but America. We have so many rights and we are free to worship what way we choose. We may live in any style we want, and we have sooo many freedows that we have taken for granted for so long. Sept. 11, 2001....Wake Up Call....... GOD BLESS AMERICA ! ! !

Should be remembered: We Can Be Hit Anytime, Anyday and We Must Be On guard. We Must Watch Our Back And Not To Get Too Lazy, But Just Be Aware ! WAKE UP CALL......GOD BLESS AMERICA

Flag: I am proud to be an American and the right to fly our flag comes naturally to be. My husband and I fly our flag 24/7 with a light on it. I am sorry, but people are starting to forget what the flag represents...its FREEDOM ! They flew their flags proudly for a couple of months, and now you go down the towns of ANY city...they are forgetting. Its upsets me as a American that the flag is just put out on Holidays and not all the time.

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