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Story:I walked into my second hour and the room was silent. My teacher did not say a word, and a classmate of mine left the room crying. Thoughts were running through my head, I knew nothing good could come out of this, I pondered about the fact that a classmate could have passed away or maybe someone had a severe illness. As my classmates all drew there attention to the television, we saw a plane crashing into the twin towers. It was replayed over and over all day. The counciling office was full of people, everyone was crying it was a day that will never be forgotten.

Life Changed:I think everyones lives have been effected in some way shape or form. For instance, security is completly tight now in the airports and at every event involving a lot of people and especially the famous. Also my life has changed because our country is now in war with the Afganistans and the innocent people are now in danger. Its really sad that we would have to put so many people through so much, all because of one awful man. I hope some how we can find a way to get Osama and leave the country alone.

Should be remembered:I think the people who died and risked there lives to save people should definatly be most remembered. Also the fact that our country came together so much and our pride is just so huge now its amazing!

Flag:I personally don't have a flag to fly, but if I had one I would be proud to fly it. My mom has a sticker of the flag on the back window of her car. The flag still means what it meant to me before, I just have a lot more respect for our country and what its all about.

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