September 11 Digital Archive: XML Document

Story:I was going to eat breakfast, when my dad asked me to watch the news with him. I almost cried when I saw all the people who were dead or dying. But I burst out with pride when I saw all those fireman and police man that ran inside the burning buildings to save anyone they could.

Life Changed:My life has changed a little, but not much. Basically, ever since September 11, my parents have been more strict about what I can and can't do. When I ask them why I can't go do this or go do that, they say," You just don't know who's out there and you can't trust some people."

Should be remembered:One of the many things that should be remembered, is the way that we as country came together on that gloomy day and how we helped each other in one way or another.

Flag:If I had had an American flag, I would have set it up. But instead, I prayed for all the people who had died and also for those that were risking their very lives, to save someone else.

Before September 11th, I just saw the flag as a piece of fabric with "our" colors on it. But now I see that it symbolizes; Freedom, Spirit, Strength and Integrity.

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