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Story:It was our first day of homeschooling and I had returned a telephone call from my Pastor. He secretary stated that he was home watching the World Trade Center thing. I thought it was a documentary and when I turned on the TV, we were just in time to hear the announcer talking about smoke from across the river...conflicting reports of a Pentagon attack...somewhere in the blur the second plane hit. My 5yr old asked if there were people in there. We sank to the floor, crying and praying for the people inside.
When the first tower fell, it was as if the whole world had come to an end. My two little girls were crying and we were just too shocked and upset to move. I was amazed at their understanding of the huge loss of life and their empathy for the families.
Then the phone began to ring. My family was afraid that I was where the plane went down in PA. I hadn't even heard of that yet. So much sorrow, so much pain and death in one shot. Never will we be the same.

Response:My husband is a lay minister. We offered support and prayer for those that we came in contact with who needed it for any reason.

Affects:I know that from day to day, people can just not care. But when disaster strikes, everybody usually does whatever is necessary and withing their abilities and then some.

Red Cross Volunteer:no

Red Cross Employee:no

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