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Story:At 9:00 am I overheard someone on the train say something about a plan hitting the World Trade Center. I continued on my way, not understanding the full impact of the statement. When I arrived at my meeting which was taking place next to the United Nations,the receptionist was watching the news, which was showing live footage of plans flying into the towers. I called my father, who also lives in New York, and told him to meet at Port Authority, since we were scheduled to go out of town. When I left the building and witnessed hundreds of people walking/running uptown, away from the towers, the severity of the plans flying into the towers hit me. I then asked a store clerk to use her phone and called my sister who at the time worked at New York University. She said leaving New York would be impossible, Port Authority is closed/destroyed and I should go home. I called my father back and told him to stay home and that I was going home as well. I ended up walking, being carried by the crowd rather, and managed to make it home. I started cooking as soon as I got home, it comforted me; the images on television were too much to take. I just kept repeating to myself over and over I dont believe this. My comfort zone and security I felt as an American was torn. My sister, her husband and a co-worker walked all the way uptown to my house before continuing on their way. We had dinner in silence and disbelief.
That night I had many calls and e-mails from friends and relatives from across the world.

Response:I contacted the American Red Cross, Greater New York Chapter and donated socks, and bottles of water for the responders. I later obtained a position with the American Red Cross, September 11 Recovery Program.

Affects:The reaction of the general public was amazing. The numbers of volunteers was overwhelming and the compasion was one that enabled society to move on. Humanitariasm and volunteering helps people heal, while helping others.

Red Cross Volunteer:yes

Red Cross Employee:yes

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