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Story:I was watching Good Morning America. I was also recovering from a serious surgery and was unable to bear weight. My youngest soon came home after he had just left for school, with a severe asthma attack. As he walked in the door, the television announced the first plane had struck in New York. Steven was shocked and came running into the room I was in. I spoke what I knew in my heart immediately. "Dear Blessed Mother," I told him. "We must pray." Before we finished the prayer, the second, third, and fourth plane had struck and I explained about Pearl Harbor, and that Sadly, America would never be the same.

I spent the next few days feeling like a prisoner of terrorism as I could only sit and watch television, unable to walk.

I never felt so helpless in my life.

Response:Two years later I have recovered from a fifth surgery and I am now attending school to become a Registered Nurse.

Affects:We are all in this together. Everyone has to take part either tangibly in service, or in prayer.

This evil and cowardly act, no matter how horrible and tragic, has galvanized our People.

God Bless the victims, their family, and God Bless us all.

Red Cross Volunteer:no

Red Cross Employee:no

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