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Story:I witnessed the the event that happened on September 11th from the t.v. ,school ,family,friends,and the radio.

Life Changed:Yes, my life has changed. It makes me appreciate America much more. The freedom that we have is so much more important to me than ever. I am gald that I can say that my country has freedom. Many other countries don't have the freedom that we have and it shouldn't be taken for granted.

Should be remembered:What I think that should be remembered about that day is all of the people who were killed in the accindent and the people who risked their lives to try and save people. I am grateful for the people that did get saved. They have lived to tell the story. Though I was not there I could feel the pain. I may not have known them,but I geuss that when people who get hurt that did nothing to deserve that, bring people closer to together as one big family.

Flag:Yes,I did fly the flag and yes I did show my love and support to America. It has changed my feelings about America in so many ways. I can say that I truly know what the American flag stands for,and I am so proud to say that. I know that people care so much about each other that they prove it by helping each other out. Thanks to America I now understand reality. My love and support goes to all of the familys.

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