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Story:On September 11th I was at school that morning when I heard the devastating news. It started out as a fine morning but then in second hour it totally changed. We were almost done with class but had a good 20 minutes left to get some things accomplished. I remember there being a knock at the door and no one knew who it was. Our teacher slipped out into the hallway with the person that we didn't know and when Mr. Macki came back in he didnt have his usual look on his face. The principle had just talked to him. He is usually always smiling and crackin jokes but Mr. Macki wasn't himself when he came back into the room. He came back from the hallway w/ out saying a word and switched on the tv to the CNN Headline news Channel. No one really had any idea of what he was doing or what was going on but we all knew that something was up and it couldn't have been all that great. We all just sat in silence and watched the tv to see what was happening. After watching it for a few minutes with pure silence discussion started to rise among us students to see if anyone else could understand what was going on. Mr. Macki then explained as much as he was able to of what he was aware of what was going on. When we went to our next hour whih was english she explained a lot more things in detail and we all were beginning to understand what happened. Throughout the day tvs were on in every room that you walked by. It was like an all around news coverage. The rest of that day we watched the tv in every class and didtn't do anything as far as school work goes. Everyone was very tuned in to the tvs to see what new information was developing. This went on for a few days and then things started to go back into the regular school routine of the day. At home I learned more details from my parents and the tvs continued to be on as they uncovered more information on this devastating attack on america.

Life Changed:My life has not changed dramatically since September 11th but it has had an affect on everyone. I started to have more thoughts about the news and kind of what was going on in our world. No one that I knew personally died in the attacks but everyone feels the devastation of everyone that did loose a loved one that day. Also since security was very tight and everyone was a little up tight about flying we didn't decide to go on a family trip this year since everyone was a little concerned about that. Otherwise I just really took into consideration all the lives that were lost that day.

Should be remembered:I think all the volunteers and everyone that had a part in these attacks should surely be remembered. Also how our country just came together as a whole and really came a lot closer. We just need to remember how strong our country is and how we just didn't give up when another country attacked us. We held in there strong and stood up for our country. I think that was very important how we all tried so hard after such a devaststing time so keep our country going even though it was such a hard and difficult time for many many people.

Flag:We haven't flown an american flag personally at our house but my mom has definitely been more in a patriotic mood and has boughten some patriotic things for our home and many different things. I think that since September 11th we should take into consideration a little bit more of what the American flag really means to us and should show our patriotism by flying them in our yards and that would really show how strong and involved our country is and how well we appreciate our country.

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