September 11 Digital Archive: XML Document

Story:I experienced September 11th on tv and the radio. When my mom and I was heading for school we were listening to the radio and it was saying that a plane crashed into the The World Trade Center. I didn't know what was going on but when we arrived at school I got out of the car and all my friends were talking about what was happening. We all had to go to your first class so when I got there the tv was on and it was showing everything blowing up. People running for help, people screaming, firefighters coming, police, and lots of horrible things. I felt really bad for all those people that died in that. I also thought that it was really cool that all those firefighters and police risked their lives to save all those people that were in the World Trade Center at the time that it went crashing down.

Life Changed:My feelings have changed alittle bit since September 11th. I don't have any one that died from that and I know that I live far away from New York. I now have alittle bit more feelings for America. I was really glad that we became united as one since the terroist attack.

Should be remembered:I think we need to remember is all those people that fought and helped when the terrroist attacked. Like the policeman and firefighters. We also need to remember those people that died while it was happening, and all those people that lost a loved one. It would be really hard for them.

Flag:I didn't fly a flag but when I saw all those other people flying them it made me happy because they also care for those people. My feelings have changed about the American flag because I used to look at it and think of just America but, now I see the flag as us becoming united and all the people that helped save New York.

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