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Story:On September 11, I rode my bike to school and I was going through my regular routine when I heard about what had happened. At first I was thinking that my friends were kiding around with me, but I later figured out that day that it was all over the news and the radio. I could not believe that two towers, that were in part a representation of the U.S. had fallen that mourning. I was in even more shock when I saw people crying in the hallways of the school because they thought that their loved ones had fallen with the two towers. I was in grief as the rest of the country. I dont think that it really hit me until I got home that day and all we were watching was the reruns of the airplane crashing into the side of the World Trade Center. That night, I talked to my family about the whole ordeal because at that point I still had a lot of questions racing through my mind, such as "Who had the evilness to commit this horrifying act of terrorism?", and "Were going to war when we found out who did it?". Also that night, I loved and apreciated my family more than any other day because I could not even imagine how life would be without them.

Life Changed:My life has dramatically changed from the events of September 11th. I now apreciate life in general more and I live life to the fullest because you never know when it is going to end. I have also noticed that my community is a little bit more together as a result of September 11th.

Should be remembered:I think that the most important thing that should be remembered about that tragic day is the people who died in the Towers and the Pentagon. These people were going through their regular day , and then out of nowhere, there life was just taken away from them. These innocent people should be remembered more than anything else.

Flag:I did not fly an American flag after the events of the september 11th because I could not spare the money to actually buy one even though they are so cheap. I also did not buy it because I thought that it was pretty stupid because it took a tragic event like this in order to get people to raise their flags high, but there were already people rasing their flags before The tragic day. I know that I am not sounding like a true American or anything, but I just feel like we should have been closer as country at that point and that we should have been awake instead of asleep for this type of even to happen. This even has opened our eyes to a lot of things that have been going on for a while now and it is unfortunate that it takes many thousands of innocent people to die in order for us to see these things.

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