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Story:I was sitting in a class room on this day. I remember watching the stock market for one of our classes, when this came on the news and we all watched as people were being carried to ambulences, and people were crying etc. It was a big event for a few days after this happend at our school because we all felt the need to greive for these people and show that we really did, and still do care today. This was one experience i didnt think i would ever have to live, but i have and it is one that i wont ever forget.

Life Changed:my life in certain ways has changed actually. There were many people that were injured and even killed on September 11th, and it effects me because they are people around me in the world that i live in, and everybody in this world is a part of me. I feel the loss for the families and friends of the people that were in this, and i even knew some of the peoples friends. This day is something that will never be forgotten by alot of people , if not everybody, and i know that i definitely wont forget it.

Should be remembered:I think that all of the people should be remembered every day and i also feel that we should remember this always so in the future we can at least always try to prevent some of these things from happening. It was a very tragic thing to have happen, and maybe if we all get together and think of a way to keep this from happening, we can have a better, more fun and safer community.

Flag:Yes we flew the american flag because it was something that we have always done in event of something like this happening. My feelings about the american flag are still the same but my feelings toward it are positive, because it does support, and represent us in many ways, as it did for us all on this date.

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