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Story:I was at work, and we huddled around the internet and listened to the radio. Most of us had only been at work for less than an hour at the time it happened.

Life Changed:I am a single mom, full time student and employed full-time. I have been in banking for six years and was a management major. I was very unhappy doing what I was doing and seeing very little of my then eight-year old son. For months after the bombing, I felt like I was sleep-walking. After a spiritual re-awakening. I decided to buy the home I have always wanted to give my son, refocus on my walk with Christ and change my college major back to my original English and Communications major and minor. Since then , I have becaome more patriotic and have just been hired for a great job at our state museum. I will have a lot more free time with my son. That is all that is really important to me now. Life is just too short.

Should be remembered:The time that we, as American's, banded together and developed a stronghold for our nation. Since the attacks, I think many people have resorted back to their old behavior's. I see so much selfishness. It is so sad. I think we need constant reminding of September 11 and the things we accomplished in the days afterward as a nation together.

Flag:I lived in an apartment at the time so could not. But we sported red, white and blue on clothing, bracelets, every chance we could for months after. I think the American flag should always be displayed through our actions, more than anything. It is like being a living example of patriotism. As a Christian, it is my job to let Christ show in my actions so I am a witness for Him. As an American, it is my job to let my patriotism show through my actions so I am a witness for America.

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