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Story:We had just taken our first breakfrom Istep and a teacher came in crying and everyone knew something had happenedwe just didn't know what. Without saying a word she turned on the t.v and we watched in disbelief as the second plane hit. When I heard about the pentagon and PA I knew I had to help... I felt a part of me crumble everytime I saw the damage or saw a repeat of the plane hitting.

Response:My friend Amber and I decided to raise money and I got ahold of my local chapter and we set donation cans around our small town of not even 1000 people...We raised $511.97 in a month.

Affects:I have started volunteering more... I have lived in shelters and been through tornados...
I have been recognized as a 2004-2005 Youth Volunteer of the Year, am youth member of the board,Philantrophy awards, and numerous others...and i am 17

Red Cross Volunteer:yes

Red Cross Employee:no

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