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Story:It was the our second week in school when our principle came into our classroom and asked our teacher to go out into our resource area. Since our resource area has windows and I could see that all of the teachers were out there I knew that something was going on. When our teacher came back into the room the first thing that he did was tell everyone to be quite and watch what is going on, on the T.V. No one knew what was going on besides the fact that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. Pretty much all that we did the rest of that day was watch the T.V. and try to understand what was going on. I was thankful for my teachers, because they were all understanding that we were confused. They tried there best to help us understand what was going on that horrible day.

Life Changed:I feel that my life has changed by just living through this unbelievable day. I feel that I am lucky that I live in Minnesota and just have to see the pictures and not have to see the real thing; because I know that that would be so much harder. I am fortunate that I don't know anyone that died in the buildings. So what I am getting at is I have become more thankful for what I have.

Should be remembered:One thing that should never be forgotten are the hero's. I do not just mean that fire fighters, and the policeman; I mean the citizens that got out and helped others that were hurt get out. In my mind those are true hero's because they were trapped and they still helped someone else get out!

Flag:I think that it is amazing how the United States have become so united! I think that it is fun to ride in cars with little children and to hear them say " look mom another American flag!" It is cool how they get excited, and then they count them. After September 11th my family went out and bought a flag and hung it on our deck. I think that it is the right think to do becuase such a tragic event has happened, and I think that it shows that we care and that we are proud to live in America!

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