September 11 Digital Archive: XML Document

Story: I was at school, going about my normal routine, not knowing the devastation that American's would have to endure. I was in Computer Essentials when I heard the news, our teacher had the tv on so we would be aware of what was happening. The events did not become a reality to me until I got home that day, why would anyone do such a thing?

Life Changed: My life, like eveeryones else's life changed after September 11th. I began to appreciate our country, freedom, and liberty. I also began to be more aware of our government and how it works.

Should be remembered: The most important thing that people should remember about September 11th is the many lives that were lost. The famlies of the firefighters, passengers of the airplanes, and of those who worked inside of the Twin Towers.

Flag: My family did fly an American flag at our home, eventhough we live in the country and nobody could see it. My feelings toward the American flag have n ot changed, but I do hold a much stronger respect for the Old Glory.

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