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Story:I had just turned on the tv and heard the horrified voices of the newscasters and as my husband came down the stairs then the second plane hit the second tower. We spent the whole day watching the news and following the story. It was unbelievable and so hard to imagine what was going on. Wondering if and when and where these people would strike again.

Response:As I am a volunteer with the local Red Cross chapter and a memeber of the DSHR I knew that with the magnitude of this I would be called to respond so I began preparing a suitcase so that I would be ready when the call came. It took two days to get arrangements made to get there, changes, etc. then I had to overnight in PA before arriving in NY on Sat. I was in NY on assignment thru the 8th of Oct. I hope that I never have to respond to a disaster of this magnitude again! It was such an overwhelming experience for all of us that were on assignment. I was proud to have been able to help.

Affects:It has only made it stronger in my belief that in time of tragedy the people of the USA will respond and will help those that have been affected. The attitude of the people in New York city was one of unbelief and they were all so helpful and friendly, not at all like you hear that New Yorkers have an "attitude". I didn't experience that.

Red Cross Volunteer:yes

Red Cross Employee:no

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