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Story:I hadn't watched the news that morning so I didn't know about it until one of my friends told me at school. I didn't know what she was talking about and I didn't think that something really bad had happened. So when I got home from school I watched the news. I was very shocked as I watched the Trade Center fall down in a crash. I couldn't beleive that people would do something like that. I was also very sad, sad for all of the people whose loved one had died.

Life Changed:Yes. But My life hasn't changed very much since I didn't know anyone who died and because I live clear across the country from where it happened. But my life has changed in some ways. I am more thankful for what I have and I don't take as much for granted. I am also more proud of my country and what we stand for.

Should be remembered:I think that all of the bravery and herioc acts of firefighters and police officers should be remembered. That how the people in our country became united and stuck together in times of trouble. How everyone became more patriotic and stood up for there country.

Flag:I didn't fly a flag but I was very happy that many other people did. My feeling have changed about the flag, I don't take it for granted. Before 9-11 I would probably just look at a flag and really thnk nothing of it. But now when I see a flag I think of all that it stand for. I think of all the brave Americans. And I think of how great our counrty is.

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