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Story:I was in U.S. history class, and it was my junior year of high school. We were just finishing with class when we heard the news about the first plane hitting the tower. We turned on the t.v. and stood there looking at the tower with the smoke billowing out. Then the worst happened. We were getting ready to leave, and i remember this eary moment like it was yesterday, i saw a plane enter into the screen and crash into the other tower, shaking the camera. There was no words coming from the t.v. nor the class room as we all watched in horror. I remember walking around all day wondering what i could do, and finally decided to donate blood for the first time. Now, i'm a freshman at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, and enrolled as a history major, speciffically a U.S. history major. I don't want anyone to ever forget september 11, god knows i won't.

Response:As soon as i realized that my blood could help, i donated as much blood as possible in the months after.

Affects:To volunteer is to help your fellow man, be it by giving blood, or actually being there to help. That day showed me that i can help, and not just sit around and hope it all turns out ok.

Red Cross Volunteer:no

Red Cross Employee:no

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