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Story:On the morning of September 11th 2001, I was in school at the Monticello High School. I was in Math class, 2nd hour. The principal of our school came and talked to our teacher in the hallway for a brief moment. When Mrs. Hadfield came back into the classroom, she finished up reviewing the lesson for about 5 minutes. I don't know how she kept silent about it for those 5 minutes. Then she broke the news by saying "Something is happening right now that will change history. It will change your future, the world, and it will go into the history books of the United States of America." She turned on the t.v. The first tower had been hit. We thought it was an accident. The frightened news woman told us that it was terrorists. Then, with the nation's eyes on the flaming tower, a plane flew into the second one. I was in Minnesota, yet saw it live with my very eyes. I will never forget those terrible moments, which live vividly in my mind, and i will remember it forever.

Life Changed:My life has changed in the way that I don't trust arab countries, and still, though I try, some Arab people. I realize how lucky I am to have family alive, and i realize who the real heroes in this day and age are. Amen to the firefighters, people of New York city, and the men of Flight 93.

Should be remembered:The people who died innocently, who gave their life on their own will, and how it pulled our nation together.

Flag:We did before, and still after. I love the flag more, i realize what it stands for because I experienced it's true glory, not did i just read about it in a history book. I absolutely love the American flag and our great country. It's the best in the world!

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