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Story:it was around 6 in the morning i think and my mom came and woke me up and said that terrorist are attacking new york and i turned it on and i first though, "my god, how stupid is america?" they probably knew about this ahead if time. as i watched, i just kept thinking to myself that america is going to do something their gonna regret later like start world war 3. i then went to school, and everyone was watching it there, i just went on with normal life as if nothing happened.

Life Changed:not really, i wouldnt think so, besides these stupid checkpoints in airports that only catch foreign objects 1 out of 15 times, so thats stupid

Should be remembered:i think we should definatley remember that our country is not as perfect as normal americans make out to be, were just like the rest of the world, were not any more stronger or better than a "un-devloped" nation.

Flag:no i did not fly an american flag, and i never will, if i do it will be upside down which means america is in need of help, NOT down with america, i think this flag is a material posession, nothin more

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