September 11 Digital Archive: XML Document

Story:I was interviewing for a job with the Girl Scouts and was speaking with the executive director of the NE area. During the interview, we heard crying and screaming from people in the offices next to us. A women came to the door and screamed that we (the US) were under attack. She said they were bombing the White House and New York City. The interviewer immediately stopped the interview and explained that she was an officer in the Army and needed to report to her supervisors. The next thing I remember was leaving in bewilderment and listening to NPR trying to understand everything that was happening. I went directly to a hotel lobby and asked them to turn on the tv. That is when we saw the two towers in smoke. People started gathering and we all stood quietly, watching. No one moved until the first tower fell. Then most of us screamed at the television and at the reality of it all.

Response:I waited in line to give blood.

Affects:I am saddened and unsure at this point.

Red Cross Volunteer:no

Red Cross Employee:no

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