September 11 Digital Archive: XML Document

Story:I experienced September 11th on Telvision early in the morning, before school because I turned on the T.V. and it was like on every channel so i had to watch it. At first I thought it was a movie or something but i finally found out it was REAL.

Life Changed:No, my life hasn't changed much just the same things cause I know it affected the Economy and everything but come on this is HERMISTON nothing much happens here in th West; and it happened in the East Coast so I don't think it affected my life much not as much as the people over there.

Should be remembered:I think what should be remember most of all is all those courageous Firemen & Policemen saveing all the people in the Twin Towers and that is what I think should be remembered most of all.

Flag:No, I did not fly a flag i don't know why but i just didn't and my feelings about the american flag has changed because now everywhere you look you'll see red, white, and blue.

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