September 11 Digital Archive: XML Document

Story: I woke up and turned on the tv and as soon as the picture came into view i saw a building on fire and i changed the channel and saw the same thing. So i whatched it and then the 2nd tower was hit. When we were at school all the teachers had there telivison on and no one was happy we didn't have work to do but were just staring at the tv whatchin things unfold. The next week all most people did were whatch tv or listen to the radio to hear all they could.

Life Changed:My life didn't change alot, we were all friendly because we live in a small town. I became more patriotic and respectful of our freedom

Should be remembered:The firemen and policemen, the people on the planes and anyone who helped from saving a life to donating blood.

Flag: The mean alot more. We would fly the american flag only on fourth of july and memorial day but after the september 11 attacks we flew the flag for months our whole street was packed with flags and red white and blue stuff

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