September 11 Digital Archive: XML Document

Story:I live all the way in California, but I saw everything over the news. I heard about it around 5:30 - 6 am my time. Our teachers had the news on when we got inside of the classrooms, and they kept us uodated on what was happening. The whole school was touched by the attacks. That's what I saw. Acouple days later my friend found out that one of his relatives died in the pentagon.

Life Changed:Yes, I have a better understanding of what American really is about, and how we can come together in a situation like 9/11.

Should be remembered:The heroes and all of the people that died.

Flag:Yes we did. I made sure the flag was up when I got home from school on 9/11 and it already was. After 9/11 I saw the flag in a different way. I saw it more as a symbol, not only for American, but for freedom, unity, and heros.

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