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Story:I was at my desk when I recieved a call that a plane hit the World Trade Center. The first thought was that a News helicopter or a small plane was the culprit. Then I remember hearing that another plane hit the World Trade Center. For some reason I didn't believe that the information I was getting was accurate. I thought that the information had already started to go through the you tell the story and someone else tells the story until a completely different story begins to emerge. Then it happened my email began to fill up with stories so I called home. My wife confirmed the story and also told me about what she was watching on TV. I couldn't believe the account. It was long after that it got even worse (if that was possible) the plane into the Pentagon and Flight 93 in Pa. It seemed all surreal. At about 11 or 11:30 we were released from work and home I went. I live in New Jersey and I am within 30 miles of NYC. From a high point in my town you can see the lights of the city at night. This day you didn't need the night to see the city. Large plumes of smoke filled the horizon. It was a terrible site. Hard to imagine what was going on. I like millions of others spent the balance of the day into the early morning hours of the next day watching TV yearning for information. The News was bad, all bad. I cried. To this day I still shed a tear.

Life Changed:Life will never be the same in America. The freedoms that we have enjoyed and fought so gallently for throughout our history have been taken from us in one terrible act of terrorism. Things that were taken for granted like, going to work each day, now begin with a search of belongings before you can enter the building. Taking a vacation via airplane has become a nightmare. You must spend several hours additional at airports so that you can submit to personal searches of your belongings and yourself. You need to several forms of ID wherever you go. It is like the old war movies line, "where are your papers"! This is not what America is about, but it is now. These freedoms to travel and go places can no longer be taken for granted. Fear of more attacks are always in the back of my mind. In this way, beyond the destruction, the terrorists have certainly made an impact on the American way of life.

Should be remembered:Things to be remembered need to include the bravery of the men and women of NYC's Fire and Police Departments. Their unselfish giving was and still is remarkable. The thousands of volunteers from around the area and from around the country that came to NY & Washington's aid. And almost above all the renewed sense of Partriotism in America and what we stand for. This country has come together like no other time I can remember. I am proud to say that I am an American.

Flag:I ashamed and at the same time happy to say that the flag did fly on my home after the events of September 11th. It is unfortunate that it took such an event to remind us of our liberty and what the flag stands for in our everyday life. The flag continues to fly proudly at my home and at the homes of most all my neighbors.

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