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Story:I was making breakfast for my two youngest daughters and their father. He had decided to take the day off that day to have family time........ He was siting on the couch flipping through the channels and stopped at The Today Show..... within minutes after sending my oldest daughter off to school, not having my family together, our worlds collieded and collapsed. We, my husband and I, sat and watched in HORROR as the first plane crashed, then the second and then the Pentagon..... It will be a day that lives in my mind forever.
I called he school to make sure that my oldest was "blind" to all that had occured, you see her greatgrandmother, grandmother and aunt were overseas and her biological father a member of the military..... I needed to protect her and couldn't.
She had overheard the radio outside the teachers lounge, she called home sobbing I asked if I would come and get her from school. As any good parent would, I did.
So many questions that I couldn't give her an answer for.
Many still unanswered a year later..........
All we want to know is why?

Life Changed:Yes- I am more aware as to what is going on around me.
Maybe paranoid is more the word, but we are trying to live, making everyday count.

Should be remembered:Everything......
The fear, furry, fading....
Scurrying to make everything right again

Flag:We flew an American flag prior to 9*11 and continue to do so now

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