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Story:It was a beyond regular day. Everything seemed normal and routine. As usual I found myself to be a somewhat lifeless zombie that morning as i went to school... more so then usual for the nightbefore i blew out 15 candles on my birthday cake. First hour was boring and usual and I was actually excited to head off to SCIENCE with my teacher Mr. Christopherson. I can still remember everything about those few moments so clearly. About mid hour, our principal took our teacher out of the classroom. As soon as he came back in everyone could tell that something was out of place. In a lifeless and deep voice he explained to us what he knew: that the WORLD TRADE CENTER TOWER 1 had been a vicitim of terrorists, we, AMERICA were under attack. I couldn't hanlde it, at first it thought it was some type of emergency testing drill. He then turned on the televison and more details began to envelop us and I was utterly speachless. We then hearded over to ENGLISH and sat and watched as the SECOND WORLD TRADE CENTER TOWER was hit. It was unbelievable and I couldn't handle it. Misty tears began to cloud my vison and i wanted to go home. The people next to me tried to say that "this doesn't affect us at all." But they were completely wrong... this situation was affecting AMERICA and I am AMERICAN.

Life Changed:My life has dramatically changed in some ways and very little in others. I keep myself more informed and I have stopped being the neive girl I once was; the girl that thought war was something that went on in lands far away and that AMERICA was too strong to ever even be challenged. Now i know just how much hatred is in the world. Security is byfar more precautious. Hatred is in the eyes of everyone, everywhere I look. In some ways I am thankful for the destruction I saw and the realizaions that I came to, because now I support AMERICA more then I ever did before. When I put my hand over my heart I do it with pride and respect now more then ever before. I take pride in my country and love her with all of my heart.

Should be remembered:Buildings can be reconstructed on solid gourd again, planes can be rebuilt, and city sidewalks can be swept clean of the debris from 9/11 but the human lives that were took from that day may not be reunited with their families. People are more precious then any foundation. I believe that not only the people who died in the TOWERS should be remembered, but also those in the planes, who unwillingly had to take part in the terrorism of their NATION, and the countless pepole who died trying to save men and women from furthur injury.

Flag:We have much flag memorabilia, but no flag yet. Eventually we hope to put up a flagpole in the yard, but as far as my feelings on the flag itself. I have more respect for what it stands for then ever before in my life.

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