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Story:I was home on bedrest, pregnant with my first child who was due in 3 months. My mom called me and said a plane had hit the WTC. I assumed a small plane - an accident. I turned on CNN and couldn't believe what I saw. I stayed on the phone with my mom and we both watched the news and saw the second plane hit. Then the news came from the Pentagon, and then another plane down in Pennsylvania. I was horrified. I was afraid I would never see my precious little girl. There was little I could do - confined for the remainder of my pregnancy. My husband couldn't come home because of his position with the city - they had gone into high alert emergency mode. My mom couldn't drive, so she couldn't come to my house. I stayed on the phone all day with her - watching, listening, praying, crying.

Response:I had been a disaster relief worker with the Red Cross, but obviously could not assist in my condition. Financial donation was all I could do - and pray, and grieve.

Affects:September 11, 2001 was at once America's darkest and finest hour. The response from the workers in NYC, Washington DC, Pennsyvania was more than heroic. The tireless work for days and weeks of all workers and volunteers was superhuman.

I have saved newscasts, newspapers, books, articles about that day and the weeks and months that followed - it is part of a heritage for my daughter who was born on December 2, 2001. It is how I will teach her compassion and courage, no matter what troubles come. It is the example I will give her when she asks why are we visiting these people at the nursing home? Or why are we feeding these people. It will be the foundation of her lessons about hope, about courage, about faith, about compassion, and about sacrifice.

Red Cross Volunteer:no

Red Cross Employee:no

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