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Story:I was a freshman student, just beginning to experience all the new experiences of high school, when on September 11th, the world changed. I was the first one to enter my second class of the day, when I noticed my teacher was acting a little unusual - he was staring at the TV monitor with a blank look. Wondering what the deal was, I glanced up, and held my gaze in shock. There, immortally framed within the recesses of my mind, was an image that will stay with me forever. There glared the timeless New York City skyline over the bay - in flames.

Life Changed:Besides the obvious psychological effects of the people around me, a multitude of changes existed in the aftermath of 9/11. For a while, the security of our great nation was shaken. Airports closed, people viewed each other with wary eyes, and even the security at the Power Plant where my father worked was increased. Life changed dramatically, sometimes profoundly, sometimes more subtly.

Should be remembered:As the dust clears at Ground Zero, and a thousand dreams were shattered -
As tireless workers work into the night to save the lives of people they had never met -
As people turn and pull their loved ones a bit closer tonight-

We are a nation.

Flag:We flew a flag in the aftermath of 9/11, as did almost all of our friends and neighbors. I believe more in the strength of our country's flag, not as a symbol, but more as an emotion of unity keeping the fabric of American society together despite conflicting views.

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