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Story:I was sitting in my senior english class in high school when a teacher came into the classroom and told everyone that a plane crashed into the world trade center. We turned on CNN and sat the rest of the class time watching....glued to the television. No one spoke. No one did work. Everyone was expressing their feelings about what happened in their different ways. The whole day, no matter what class we were in we watched to see what was going on. Everyone stopped and listen. Then reacted.

Life Changed:

Should be remembered:

Flag:I flew an American flag. I bought things with American flags on it and put them everywhere. The flag shows that we are United and we will get through anything, anytime, no matter what. The flag has a lot more meaning for me because I never experience something like September 11th ever in my life, only being in high school when this happened. I feel more proud to be in this country and feel more secure when I look at the American flag, knowing I live in a country that is so United and has Freedom.

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